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Veterinary technicians are animal nurses that work in veterinary offices, animal clinics, emergency hospitals, rescues and shelters, and more. These individuals receive training and education at a vet tech school during a 2-year associate’s degree program which equips them to address basic and advanced animal health care issues. Here are a few of the primary things that veterinary technicians can expect to do on a daily basis once they get their first paying job.

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Steps to Be a Veterinary Technician

Veterinary Nurses are responsible in providing quality treatment to various animals. They are playing important roles in veterinary medical teams. How are they being educated? Here come the veterinary technician schools. These schools are specially established to prepare a group of prospective vet techs with veterinary knowledge and clinical skills. Let's take a look at 10 Most Famous Veterinary Schools. They so popular and well recognized in producing high quality and competent vet techs.

Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine
It was ranked the first in United States for its progressive academic program and world class resources in animals' health, biomedical research and veterinary medical care.

Michigan State University
This college is committed to educating the prospective veterinarians for the welfare of society.

The University of Minnesota
This college is nationally and internationally recognized for its training and research excellence.

If you intend to select vet tech as your future career, keep this top 10 list in mind. You should be proud of yourself if you manage to get the offer from any one of the 10 most famous veterinary technician schools.

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Veterinary Technician Schools - Help Deciding

Veterinary technician is also called veterinary nurse. This profession is very unique in promoting animals' health and welfare. The vet techs are responsible to provide necessary treatment and assistance to the animals. It is a challenging job where it requires high level of animal interaction and good clinical skills. However, is this profession an ideal career?

In fact, this profession has a great employment trend as it has a very high demand in the employment market. There are a wide variety of job opportunities in this service industry, such as in the veterinary hospitals and clinics, zoos, pet shops, grooming salons, animal shelters, biomedical research centers, livestock management companies, veterinary pharmacies, etc. At the same time, it generates lucrative income which provides a comfortable lifestyle to the vet tech. Furthermore, it is also a stepping stone for many veterinary nurses to climb further to become a licensed veterinarian.

To some of the vet nurses, they are always depressed when they provide treatment to those seriously sick, abused and badly injured animals. They have to face the death of the animals very frequently. These types of situation make them feel upset and moody. Moreover, they are very stressful especially when there are many emergency cases need to be settled. It is also tiring when they need to work in long hours to provide intensive care.

To sum up, it depends very much on your personal view to conclude whether vet tech is an ideal career or not. If you have a lot of passion in animals, it is a definite answer that this job has great fun.

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